New Minimum Face Amount Limits on Symetra UL-G, CAUL and Term products

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Sept. 18, 2017 Effective October 19, 2017 we will be increasing the minimum face amount limits on our Symetra UL-G, CAUL and Symetra Term products. These increases in face amount limits are consistent with other carriers. New minimum face amount limits are as follows:

Symetra UL-G and CAUL:       $100,000

Symetra Term:                         $250,000

Symetra UL-G, CAUL and Term Important Dates:

October 19, 2017 Symetra Life Illustrator and Winflex Illustration systems will be updated with the new face amount limits.

By October 20, 2017 all formal applications with face amounts below the new minimum must be received in good order (fully completed, signed and dated application) at the Symetra Home Office.

December 29, 2017 is the final date that policies with the lower minimum face amounts must be issued/paid. For 1035 exchange cases, the deadline date will be extended if the only outstanding requirement is the receipt of 1035 funds.

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