Coming Soon – Lincoln LifeGuarantee® UL (2013)

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Coming Soon – Lincoln LifeGuarantee® UL (2013)

Effective February 12, 2018, Lincoln will be introducing pricing improvements to Lincoln LifeGuarantee® UL (2013) which will solidify competitive level-pay lifetime guarantee pricing for key cells. Highlights Goals of the reprice focused on our core market – level-pay lifetime guarantee, non-tobacco classes ages 60 and above:

  • Top 3 carrier or better for standard and top 4 carrier or better for preferred
  • Average premium reduction approximately 4%
  • Majority of premium decreases are within a range of 2% – 6%
  • Pricing remained the same in a limited number of cells that were previously in the top 3
  • No changes to targets Single or short-pay scenarios will not see pricing improvements, and in a limited number of cells may see slight premium increases.

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