AXA: Announcing the new and enhanced IUL Protect

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Simple Guaranteed Protection!

  • As always, our simple “no-math” no-lapse guarantee to age 90, or for 40 years if the policy is purchased before age 50, means no guesswork or calculations, just a simple number your clients can rely on.1
  • Our Long-Term Care ServicesSM Rider offers guaranteed protection plus flexibility for your clients and their families, as long as they pay the required guarantee premiums.1,2

Straightforward Performance!

NEW! Our Extra Interest Credit is a unique feature that delivers direct cash value to your clients, on top of their index return, which is designed to increase when interest rates rise.

  • When the Guaranteed Interest Account is greater than 3.5%, your clients get credited the difference on top of their index return.

NEW! Stronger caps are designed for long-term stability in a changing interest rate environment.3

  • When interest rates fall, providers tend to reduce their caps to reflect their lower rates of return. Not AXA. Our product design has a consistent source to fund our caps – 3.5% from the Guaranteed Interest Account. So, we minimize the need to decrease caps when interest rates decrease.

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